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Astro Star Quest 2009 Final

First of all, I have thank Hiew for giving us the entry tickets of this great show Astro Star Quest 2009 Final. The location was at Bukit Jalil Stadium Putra (indoor). Besides, it was my first time to see it live while this Astro Star Quest Have start from many years.
Astro Talent Quest is an annual Chinese singing competition in Malaysia organized by ASTRO Wah Lai Toi, which was first held in 1996.

This competition is aimed at showcasing and unearthing talents among young Malaysian Chinese between ages 18 to 28. The winner (and runner-up, of late) will then represent Malaysia at the International Chinese New Talent Singing Competition. Guest judges and artistes, which are invited every year,

The Stage for year 2009

In the initial format, the final 5 contestants are selected by judges who will battle it out for the title on one night performing one song and a talent time performance each. The top three will then be chosen by a panel of judges, where after they would be subjected to a series of tests which assesses various aspects of their vocal and singing ability,

Host for this year were Jojo吴俐璇 and 林震前

This year final top 5 were 刘界辉, 黄毓敏, Alvin 钟健桦, Ryan 涂富祖 and 曾洁钰. From this five talent my favourite voice is Alvin and yet I know many people support 刘界辉. Somehow, the result came out that 黄毓敏 get the champion and I think she deserved it due to her perfomance that day and the mean time 刘界辉 just lack of luck.


Sorry for cannot get nice pictures this time due to place was so far and I have use full length for it.


Special guest for the show 颜莞倩. I like her song “展翅高飞“ and she sang it well that day.

To bad I have to go back early due to the next day I have to wake up by 4am for working. So I miss Janice on that spot.

Glamorous sky of Bukit Jalil

Suppose to upload second batch Kanching falls photo today but I found that I have I just post so I might extand it by tomorrow. Oh well, it was a very nice weather yesterday evening, I can see the sky were deep blue yesterday. For this oppurtiny, I climb up to Bukit Jalil to snap some nice scenery for bukit Jalil after work.
Bukit Jalil

During this evening, many people came here to joking and taichi. I think I am the only freaky person go on top there for snaping picture.
Bukit Jalil

The sunset view of Danielyc and Hp84 living place.
Bukit Jalil

Random picture.
Bukit Jalil

Lanscape picture.
Bukit Jalil

The tree blocking the sunset.
Bukit Jalil

The sky start to become pinky.
Bukit Jalil

I saw strawberry ice cream on top my House view.
Bukit Jalil

And bye. My post stop until here.
Bukit Jalil