Glamorous sky of Bukit Jalil

Suppose to upload second batch Kanching falls photo today but I found that I have I just post so I might extand it by tomorrow. Oh well, it was a very nice weather yesterday evening, I can see the sky were deep blue yesterday. For this oppurtiny, I climb up to Bukit Jalil to snap some nice scenery for bukit Jalil after work.
Bukit Jalil

During this evening, many people came here to joking and taichi. I think I am the only freaky person go on top there for snaping picture.
Bukit Jalil

The sunset view of Danielyc and Hp84 living place.
Bukit Jalil

Random picture.
Bukit Jalil

Lanscape picture.
Bukit Jalil

The tree blocking the sunset.
Bukit Jalil

The sky start to become pinky.
Bukit Jalil

I saw strawberry ice cream on top my House view.
Bukit Jalil

And bye. My post stop until here.
Bukit Jalil

7 thoughts on “Glamorous sky of Bukit Jalil

  1. hp84

    Fattien, i didn’t know that sunrise from bukit jalil is so nice. One day, I must climb up the hill and enjoy the view. I want those photo too. I bring thumbdrive go get from u ok.

  2. huei

    omg!!!! one day..i’m gona curi all ur pics!!!

    they’re all sooo nicee!!! i wan an slr!!! everytime i see a nice sunset, take out my phone..then put back..cos cannot capture!!! heheh

  3. fattien

    ahkwong: not always nice on bkt jalil, but the camera must always prepare so can capture anytime.

    swordie: the time usually will be 6 30 pm to 7 15 pm.

    hp84: u should capture it by ur own camera.. haha

    Starwalker:nope.i didn’t photoshop it and it was original.

    Huei: buy a small size one.. I think canon G9 enough for you if you are not going to aim advance level.

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