Putra Jaya : Protrait Series (me as newbie)

Sorry for delay updating the blog in this short coz busy this few days. Last week Ahkwong organize a photo session of for us to practice shooting on potrait photo at Putra Jaya. Our models were Myin and Adrienne. This was my first time to do this shooting session so I dun mind u guys/gals to comments or point out some of my weakness so I can improve next time.

If was a hazzy day and crowd of people that day. I am not quite satisfy the weather that day and sticky somemore. It really drag my mood down while photographing. People who involve in this photo session include me, Lynn, ahkwong, ahbeh, Myin, Louis and Adrienne.

The Mosque : Putra Jaya (6 pm)


Our Models Myin and Adrienne


Here were thier pics:





I post until here. More pics will coming soon!!! 🙂

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