Genting photo session final : Night series

If not mistaken it was a bout 6.30 to 7.00 pm on that moment. After the camwhoring halfday in the temple we continues our road to genting highland. Along the way we didn’t took the cable car…AH!!! kinda miss that.
The sky was getting dark from time to time…..


Simply capture one pic from there but I forget where issit..?(I very likt this ^_^)


Lynn decide to redeem our ticket 1st. And yet we did change the ticket at the ticket counter, misson accomplished!!!! It also means that we have to come up by this 18th of August again…lolz.


It was just so so hungry at that moment we simply sit at the Macdonald and order some set meals. It was fortune that day was not a public holiday orelse we dun have a place to sit coz by the crowd.


After that we went to simply walk walk and snap pictures. So here below was the random pics sections:





Picture took from outside. First World Hotel.



Time to said good bye to Genting….hehe. More update coming soon.

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