Penang food for day 1

After visit Kek Lok Si temple, we continue our penang food journey. Oh yeah, Mich introduce us this Apong Guan which was very famous one. We have to quene 15 to 20 minutes for that just like JCO. Each piece was cost around 30 sens. It smell good and delicious!!!

Apong Guan

It back out 8 pieces for a each cook.
Apong Guan

This was the ingredient he put it in, the banana slices and corn which was make the Apong taste so good. it just like a pancake to me.
Apong Guan

close up look for the Apong.
Apong Guan

After this we went to looking for Ais Kacang. before reaching there I snap down some old building structure of the penang road.


the place we have our Ais Kacang.

Ais kajang

ABC special that fiil up with fruits.
ABC special
Ok, I end up my post here and wish everybody have a great weekend and happy new year.

8 thoughts on “Penang food for day 1

  1. Liew Post author

    Josette: I not so sure…coz went there by 1st time.

    Kenny Ng: same to you as well… Happy New Year. Got change to penang de dun worry 😀

    IcedNyior: Yo!!! taste good.

    3point8; I think Pasar malam still have de…

    Huei: Happy New Year!!!

    Khengsiong: hahaha…go try

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