Mika Nakashima : Yuki no Hana

Born in Kagoshima Prefecture, on the island of Kyūshū, Japan, Mika Nakashima was the youngest of three children. She dreamed of pursuing a singing career from a young age. She decided not to attend high school or college in order to pursue a music career.

She was chosen from among 3000 girls to be the heroine of the 2001 fall Fuji TV drama, Kizudarake no Love Song (Tainted Love Song). In November, she made her debut with Sony Music Associated Records, with the song “Stars”, which was also the theme song of the drama.

Her second single “Crescent Moon”, an 80’s themed song, was limited to 100,000 copies. It sold out the first day of its release. In March of 2002 she released her third single “One Survive” and her first video collection, “Film Lotus”. This was followed in May by her 4th single “Helpless Rain”, and in August, by her 5th single “Will”, which went on to rack up sales of over 140,000. Both were top ten hits and sold over or near the key 100k mark, proving Nakashima’s rising star appeal.

My favourite song of Mika: Yuki no Hana

Nobita kage o hodou ni narabe
Yuuyami no naka o kimi to aruiteru
Te o tsunaide itsu mademo zutto
Soba ni ireta nara
Nakechau kurai

Kaze ga tsumetaku natte fuyu no nioi ga shita
Soro soro kono machi ni kimi to chika zukeru kisetsu ga kuru

Kotoshi saisho no yuki no hana o
Futari yori sotte
Nagameteiru kono toki ni
Shiawase ga afure dasu
Amae toka yowasa janai
Tada kimi o aishiteru kokoro kara sou omotta

Kimi ga iru to donna koto demo
Nori kireru youna kimochi ni natteru
Konna hibi ga itsu mademo kitto
Tsuzuiteku koto o inotteiru yo

Kaze ga mado o yurashita yoru wa yuri okoshite
Donna kanashii koto mo
Boku ga egao eto kaete ageru

Mai ochite kita yuki no hana ga
Mado no soto zutto
Furi yamu koto o shirazu ni
Bokura no machi o someru
Dareka no tameni nanika o shitai to omoeru no ga
Ai to iu koto o shitta

Moshi kimi o ushinatta toshita nara
Hoshi ni natte kimi o terasu darou
Egao mo namida ni nureteru yoru mo
Itsu mo itsu demo soba ni iru yo

Kotoshi saisho no yuki no hana o
Futari yori sotte
Nagameteiru kono toki ni
Shiawase ga afure dasu

Amae toka yowasa janai
Tada kimi to zutto
Kono mama issho ni itai sunao ni sou omoeru
Kono machi ni furi tsumotteku masshiro na yuki no hana
Futari no mune ni sotto omoide o egaku yo
Kore kara mo kimi to zutto

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English translate
Lyrics: Satomi Translation: Jonathan Wu

A man’s shadow lines the pavement
You walk in the twilight
Always holding my hand
If I’m by your side, I might not have to cry

The winds becomes cold
And I can smell winter
Gradually, in this city
the seasons will change as you come close to them

This year, the first snowflowers bloom
as we draw closer
As I look upon this time
the hapiness overflows in me
If we depend on each other’s love, we’re not weak
I simply, love you
These thoughts are straight from the heart

Whatever happens, as long as I’m with you;
I get the feeling that I can overcome anything
I know we can have this kind of life forever
So I pray that it will continue like this

The wind sways the window
and at night I wake up shivvering
I’ll chance any sadness
by putting a smile on my face

The snowflowers flutter down
outside the window
Though I don’t know why they stop falling
we will dye this city
We may think
“for who’s sake are we doing this?”
But we know it’s because we know love

If you ever get lost
I’ll become a star, and light your path
At night, when you smile, or get wet with tears
I’ll be by your side, always and forever

This year, the first snowflowers bloom
as we draw closer
As I look upon this time
the hapiness overflows in me
If we depend on each other’s love, we’re not weak
It’s simple, I just want to be
with you like this forever
So I can feel your gentleness

Pure white snowflowers,
pilling up in this city
In our hearts, we quickly draw our feels,
I’ll be with you forever, from this moment on…

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14 thoughts on “Mika Nakashima : Yuki no Hana

  1. anonymous

    there is a chinese version of tis song… sung by Joi Chua (Cai Chun Jia)… i think the chinese version is better… no offence… i like Mika Nakashima’s Cry No More… one of the ED for the anime Blood+…

  2. Liew Post author

    aceone118: no problem ^_^V

    anonymous: I heard that chinese version before not bad de. Joi Chua voice is powerful but I still like the original version one.

  3. lazylibra19



     のびた人陰(かげ)を舗道にならべ 我将影子靠上你的身影 让它们并排在(被)浦(过的)道(路)上
     夕闇のなかを君と歩いてる (在)和你牵手漫步的暮色之中
     手をつないでいつまでもずっと (我在想)如果你能够永远在我身旁
     そばにいれたなら 那可会让我(感动得)想哭

     風が冷たくなって 风渐冷
     冬の匂いがした 冬天的气息渐近
     そろそろこの街に 再过一会儿,就在这条街上
     君と近付ける季節がくる 将你我拉近的季节(即将)来访

     今年、最初の雪の華を 今年最初的这场雪花
     ふたり寄り添って 两人相依着
     眺めているこの瞬間(とき)に 眺望(雪花)的这一瞬間
     幸せがあふれだす 幸福(的感觉)在我心中满溢而出
     甘えとか弱さじゃない 我对你的撒娇并不是因为我的柔弱
     ただ、君を愛してる 那只是因为着我爱着你
     心からそう思った 由衷的爱着你

    君がいるとどんなことでも 因为有你在我的身旁
     乗りきれるような気持ちになってる 让我有着能够度过任何困境的心
     こんな日々がいつまでもきっと 我祈求象今天般的日子
     続いてくことを祈っているよ 一定要永远继续着

     風が窓を揺らした 风吹摇了窗
     夜は揺り起こして 夜摇醒而起
     どんな悲しいことも (无论)什么样的悲痛
     僕が笑顔へと変えてあげる 我会将它变成欢笑

     舞い落ちてきた雪の華が 飘落的雪花
     窓の外ずっと (一直)在窗的外边
     降りやむことを知らずに 就象不知停止那般
     僕らの街を染める 将我们的街(道)染满
     誰かのためになにかを 就象是要为了某人做些什么
     したいと思えるのが 我之所以会如此般的猜想
     愛ということを知った 是因为我知道了爱

     もし、君を失ったとしたなら 如果,我失去了你
     星になって君を照らすだろう 我想我会变成星星照耀着你
     笑顔も涙に濡れてる夜も 不论是欢笑还是泪水横溢的夜晚
     いつもいつでもそばにいるよ (我会)永远永远陪在你身旁

     今年、最初の雪の華を 今年最初的这场雪花
     ふたり寄り添って 两人相依着
     眺めているこの瞬間(とき)に 眺望(雪花)的这一瞬間
     幸せがあふれだす甘えとか弱さじゃない 幸福(的感觉)在我心中满溢而出 我对你的撒娇并不是因为我的虚弱
     ただ、君とずっと 那只是因为着(我)只想和你
     このまま一緒にいたい 象现在般的在一起
     素直にそう思える 我是真的如此地想

     この街に降り積もってく 在这条街(上)积起
     真っ白な雪の華 那纯白的雪花
     ふたりの胸にそっと想い出を描くよ 偷偷地在(你我)两人的心胸里画上了这场回忆
     これからも君とずっと… 与你直到永远

    我想,bak kuk teh 应能补会那失去的光阴!

  4. gianne

    I love Mika! She has really unique husky vocals. Her album with Yuki no Hana in it is really good, but I accidently deleted it, sigh.

    Also, she’s super gorgeous =DDDD

  5. Liew Post author

    Lazylibra: Fuiyoh…..Ohmy thkz so much for doing this translation. U come back to KL sure must belanja u makan

  6. I complete FinalFantasyX YAY

    i think she is a beautifil singer even though i’m not Japanese she is gr8 i lyk mst of her songs

  7. fattien

    Gianne : I like her voice…it was so sad and down. It was hard to find all her album in Malaysia but lucky can get to hear most of the song from youtube.

    I complete finalfantasyX yay: em…. she was roxx !!!!! hey u really finish ff10 ar there is one part very difficult for me to finish especially the “water ball” that part.

    Anston: ooo. maybe she use all her strength and concentration to sing that song. I saw a lot of singers also singing like that one especially love song

  8. Daniel

    I couldn’t understand some parts of this article Mika Nakashima : Yuki no Hana, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

  9. Dian

    Is Yuki no Hana singed by hideaki tokunaga too? Cos i heard it in Vocalist2 album.

    Thanx for lyrics n translate… 🙂

  10. whoamiforreal

    She recently released a new single called Sakura ~Hanagasumi~. To be honest I didn’t really like it much cuz it sounded all sad and weak. Her other song called conFusiOn is really good though! I love it, make me wanna dance and all xD .
    I heard she’s going to release her new album somewhere around April, can’t wait lol xDD .

  11. agatha

    i have oborozuki, this music are the fourth,is the more beautiful from cd,her voice is sweet ,did you saw the version with tomiko and mika singing together?is great!

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