10 stuffs that I like : Tag by Rabbit!!

I have owe Rabbit’s Tag more than one week oledi, sorrylah, minta maaf. It was kinda busy and lasy this month coz I really dun have time to do a nice post with more words. I think Images might replace my words! kekeke

Here come the 10 stuff that I like (this Tag is easy but I got too many that I like)

1. I love to eat especially homemade steamboat….Orochi !!!! besides just eating It also my wonderful time to share with my family.

2. I love pet Iguana and pet snake. I use to have one pet Iguana last time but after 3 month it gone already becoz I forget to close the cage. It was quite difficult at the begining coz need to do a lot of research for this cold blood reptiles and arguements with my parents by not allow this kind of Oballad reptile at my home. I use to feed my Iguana with pumpkins, hibiscus flower, long beans and fruits with small slices. I still remember it like mangoes the most..kakaka. It grow up fast and just almost inch permonth if u you serve him well lah.


3. I love photography!!! When I started to love this??!!! em….eiiii…ar…I think when I start doing blog gua. I will accompany with my camera FZ50 most of the time which every way I go I will just snap…and snap and snap as my good memories of all the important happening.

4. I really really love to watch Anime. This was just a portion of it and I think I can open Anime shop already. I would love to buy by sets with boxes as collection rather then just download from the website. My favourite anime were “Ghost in the shell”, “Naruto”, “One Piece” and “Gungrave”

5. I love to listen music. No music really no life at all !!!!! 70% listen to Japanese songs 20% for English and 10% for Chinese.
The top 5 female Japanese popstar that I really heart one.

Hamasaki Ayumi– M, I am, dearest…
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

BoA– Jewel, Love Bug, Valenti…
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Utada Hikaru– Eternal, traveling…..
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Mika Nakashima– Glomorous sky, Yuki no hana, heaven on earth…
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Namie Amuro– Sunshine, Can you celebrate
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

For Band I like:

X Japan– thier voice will be in my memory forever. “Forever love” and “Dahlia” was my favourite song.

6. I love play both PC games and video games. especially DOTA and FF series…

7. I love to play with software especially Photoshop, 3d softwares and video editing software.

8. I love figures, Toys and Gundams. I might collect as much as I can

9. I love to attend events, road show or any activities. Instead of just taking photos but I can learn more, know more and meet up some new friends especially bloggers.

10. I love my hair become gold again. Last time I use to have blue color and red color… haiz…. no camera last time cannot keep any memories.

oh…yes. Finish the tag oledi!!! I would like to challenge any Tag just tag melah!!! This time I really have no ideas to tag who and if you feel like want to do this Tag and you might try.

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5 thoughts on “10 stuffs that I like : Tag by Rabbit!!

  1. huei

    the iguana is so huge!!!!

    cool!! which FF do u like? i love 8!!! =D

    u like jap music or jap chics?? =P ehehhehehe

  2. Liew Post author

    Rabbit: No problem. ^_^V No worrieslah Iguana was herbivors and only eat fruits and vege. Ia tak akan menelan rabbit punya.

    Huei: Got a big Iguana is very cool but must have a very very big room for him and I am still consider want to own one now. I like FF7, FF8, FF10 and FF10-2. For jap?! I think both also like 😛

    Ahkwong: still remember my 24k gold hair!!!! kakakakakkaka

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