I was so dumb for this few days

I was wonder why my feed reader always 0 and nobody come to suscribe me.I check this with Ahkwong few weeks ago. He told me that at least will got 1 or 2 ppl to sucribe or maybe my feed placing not a nice place. Ok then, so I went back and add in a sequence of suscribe icon to make it more user friendly. After a few days, I do find some ppl sucribe my site already and I felt very happy at that moment.

After the next day, It drop back to 0 again!!!! What the hell happen?! So I check with Ahkwong again by yesterday nite. So I ask him to check with me one by one at the feed burner setting. He told me that I have sucribe to the wrong path. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I been ignore this for few months already. Yi……yer, No wonder no one sucribe me at all

He ask me: do you know the function of the feedburner?
Me: I dunno…..
Ahkwong: Then why you register for?
Me: Because ppl put then I putloh
Ahkwong: @@”
Ahkwong: You better go read everything and understand it.
Me: (I hate to readlah) T_T

I knew that I am very noob on building websites that why I can do blog only. But somehow if you guy/gals want to change the design of the theme a little bit of CSS and html knowledge is a must. I only know how to create design in designing software only but this time I try to modify some CSS code to make changes on the font color only.

This little bit changes take me many hours……..arhhhhhhhhhh still cannot change it and modify some parts and I even spoild the whole theme but lucky got save some code on ther note pad. This was so wasting my time.
It make me so annoying!!!! No wonderlah!!! most of the I.T ppl bald start from middle of the head……..coz debug code make them so….so and so…

This 2 things make felt so dumb this few days……haiz sien and produce 0% of stuff….

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