Genting Photo session Part 3 : Temple, structure and landscape series

There was a temple near Genting highland (1st World Hotel) and I think just take 1 to 2 km to that place. Buses cannot reach there and u must prepare car or you can choose to walk to that place….lolz coz kinda near(climb back up to genting susahloh). It was a superb natural place with nice scenery view so must go there to snap snap next time before go to Genting.

The Entrance to Heaven Gate.


Before going in, Ahkwong pose a flying dragon kick there. He said that his kung fu was inspire with the dragon wall below


Myin with the 9 Dragon Wall, I dun have a wide lense someone sponsor me plz T_T. Now only can show up 4 dragon.


The temple



Lynn posing a smashpop jump.


Tower view capture by 5pm


Tower view capture by 6pm (while leaving the place)


The Giant Budha statue.


Lynn and Myin


Landscape view from inside the Temple


The Tomb….? idea.


Another Landscape photo


Ahkwong here to posing with the statue as. My post end up here and more image will coming up soon.


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8 thoughts on “Genting Photo session Part 3 : Temple, structure and landscape series

  1. conan_cat

    lol… ahkwong pic jumping the kungfu stance looks like it’s photoshopped (i know it’s not lar~ not enuff shadow i think for depth :P) and nice pics again lor!! i like your tower view captures, nice color and depth handling 😀

  2. fattien

    Conan_cat: ohhh…lolz. My camera shutter mode not so good de might coz image jadi dark so I curve it and contrast it in photoshop. Or else cannot see kwong facelah and that y shadow gone jor.

    spookyygrace: No idea at all…..but I think he got that kind of blood..lolz.

    Smashpop: 🙂 hehe

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