Genting photo session 2 : Flora & Fauna series

Here come back for the continues session of my trip to Genting last Saturday. Sometimes we always ignore the little object in our surrounding like small tiny grass, flowerss and those tiny tiny stuff that pass by you. Put some observation on it you might find something different.

Here come the Flora photo series I took from Genting Highland.
Flowers series






I dunno what is this call in English but the Malay Lumut. my lens almost near to touch it already.


more zoom in!!!


Normal tree. Post end up here and more coming soon. stay tune ^_^V.


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11 thoughts on “Genting photo session 2 : Flora & Fauna series

  1. Liew Post author

    Eugene: I think that is the limit already cannot do further then that. Hearing ur 400D, when u going to buy it?

    Travelphilippines: Oh!!! thankz for your compliments. ^_^V!! I might post something more interesting later.

  2. fattien

    Socrates Rudy Sirait: Thankz for your compliments!!! I did read ur blog just now. Found ur image also very nice. nothing is call ‘out de’ coz different ppl thier opionion aslo not de same.

    Kenneth: Nature is great!!! very like green green stuff

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