Da Ma Cai International Wushu Championship 2007(大马彩全國武术冠軍 2007) : Closing ceremony

Last Tuesday I was invite by Catherine for attend this Da Ma Cai International Wushu Championship 2007大马彩全國武术冠軍 2007 (Closing ceremony). It was held on 1th and 2nd of this October, I can’t go there because of my work so I only can join on the second day Closing ceremony.


I go there with Ahkwong and Anston will come to join us late that night. It was my first time went to see Wushu competition…. It was kinda interesting for me.

We were not allow to go near to take photo as we were not official photographer. By no choice we climb up to the 2nd floor to take pics and the pic below was where we stand. Image quality was quite bad this time.


Youth Chief Liao Tong Lai of MCA – Spy shot


Our secondary school classmate – Spy shot


After some long speech from the ministers and giving away the trophy to the winners the closing ceremony begins.

Drums – Perfomed by the primary student. Wonderful show!!


I like this!!!! The Lion dance. Very stunning perfomance.



The Culture dance by the Malays and Idians.



This photo give me an imagination of the ancient Kung Fu chinese drama which hang with wire. All can Fly.


Parts of the wushu element pose.



Wooden stick fighting perfomance


Taichi Sword perfomance


I dunno how to definate this action in english. It seems like a leap up twist and turn..@@”


The Blade dance perfomance


Catherine aka Girlny post a wushu elements in front of us. Snap!!!!


Group Pics with Catherine. Very nice perfomance that night and really luv it. My post end up here. I am coming to watch ur competitions (Catherine) next year…hehe.


7 thoughts on “Da Ma Cai International Wushu Championship 2007(大马彩全國武术冠軍 2007) : Closing ceremony

  1. Liew Post author

    Ahkwong: you also can fast de

    Lynn: We got collect ticket for you….next year bah

    Irenelim: Yeah!!! I realy looking forward for the next year.

  2. girlny

    haha…told u next yr i’m not competition liao…hehe~~~ be the judges liao

    oh ya….coming 27 n 28 Oct at Bukit Jalil wil haf a grand cultural show..can get the ticket at the MCA there…

  3. Pazuzu

    hey .. i was there man … din notice u one? hehehe..

    i was sitting at the sarwak team and the national team there .. din go down line up .. hehe

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