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Malaysia 50th years celebration cultural show at Stadium Bukit Jalil (扎根50文化大汇演) : Part 2

Okay!!! let come back to this Malaysia 50th years celebration cultural show at Stadium Bukit Jalil (扎根50文化大汇演). Oh well, when we enter the stadium it began to rain already. At the same time we sit quiet far from the stage. Lucky Hiew lead us to the VIP area.

Cultural show

Yah!!! I almost forgotten the answer previous post by guessing what Anston next action. Here it is …

The Lion dance.
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There was so crowd that night and really hot atmosphere although it was raining. Me, Nkwai, HungWei, Lynn, Anston, hiew and Lee Peng was runing towards to the field there. I use plastic coat to cover my camera and myself wearing a rain cot walk as front as possible to get near the stage.
inside stadium bukit jalil

I heard that there were almost five hundred perfomer on the stage. The show was just so nice and colorful but is was bad that I have see it under raining weather. Damn cold!!!




The Choirs.

The hosts of the night.

Singers from the previous talented Astro contest.



Finally he came…. Micheal Wong!!
Micheal Wong

Just dunno what happen!! Just suddenly crowd in a short while. The fans just keep on push and push. I really cannot stand them as I was concentric on taking photos. Besides, they just scream like hell and the voive was so torturing my ears. I standing there by holding the tripod hard scare being push away. It really make me mad just feel like want to punch them to sky high.
Micheal Wong

The rain continuesly none stop. A few girls want to pass through infront of me and said excuse me rudely. WTF!!! I have been standing there for so long sure I am not giving any excuse. I stay back her fircely and shout 10 times louder ” No excuse and Fuck OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Really Emo of me..Tot she will scare away but she seems like no fucking it and pushing in somemore I raise up my hand and counter back. At the same time many RELA coming and pull back all the fans and people include me.
Micheal Wong

Oh well, this was the worst condition taking photograph ever. Lucky my photos still not too bad this time..haiz. I was walking back to find my friends.
Micheal Wong

The video I record that night.

Is time to leave the show and I get a few more shots then leave the place coz affraid will get stuck in the jam after the show ends.
Stadium Bukit Jalil

While getting into Hungwei cars spot fireworks and I think the show was geting end already and the same I end up my post here.

Da Ma Cai International Wushu Championship 2007(大马彩全國武术冠軍 2007) : Closing ceremony

Last Tuesday I was invite by Catherine for attend this Da Ma Cai International Wushu Championship 2007大马彩全國武术冠軍 2007 (Closing ceremony). It was held on 1th and 2nd of this October, I can’t go there because of my work so I only can join on the second day Closing ceremony.


I go there with Ahkwong and Anston will come to join us late that night. It was my first time went to see Wushu competition…. It was kinda interesting for me.

We were not allow to go near to take photo as we were not official photographer. By no choice we climb up to the 2nd floor to take pics and the pic below was where we stand. Image quality was quite bad this time.


Youth Chief Liao Tong Lai of MCA – Spy shot


Our secondary school classmate – Spy shot


After some long speech from the ministers and giving away the trophy to the winners the closing ceremony begins.

Drums – Perfomed by the primary student. Wonderful show!!


I like this!!!! The Lion dance. Very stunning perfomance.



The Culture dance by the Malays and Idians.



This photo give me an imagination of the ancient Kung Fu chinese drama which hang with wire. All can Fly.


Parts of the wushu element pose.



Wooden stick fighting perfomance


Taichi Sword perfomance


I dunno how to definate this action in english. It seems like a leap up twist and turn..@@”


The Blade dance perfomance


Catherine aka Girlny post a wushu elements in front of us. Snap!!!!


Group Pics with Catherine. Very nice perfomance that night and really luv it. My post end up here. I am coming to watch ur competitions (Catherine) next year…hehe.