Curry Crab : homemade dishes

It has been long time no dinner with my family already due to come back late after work. Most of the time I will have my dinner outside with my colleague and friends or might came back late to have my dinner at home without eating together my parents. My mom ask me came back early yesterday coz she want to cook something special. However, I still could not make it in time. I smells my mom curry when I walking back from the corridor near my house kicthen. I quickly rush in…..Ohmy…I saw my favorite dish

My mom was cooking curry crab (flower shell) crab, I should walk back faster to take more photo for the cooking section and it was half way cook already.
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All the sweetness from the crab shell and meat melt into the curry juices during cooking. Although, I was cough cough and sick but dun care I want to makan 1st….kakaka
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Missing the ingredient section …sorry sorry!!!

ok done!!!! let pour it into a big glass bow.
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Jing Jing Jing!!!! final complete of the Curry Crab.
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I prefer to eat flower crab compare to other crab coz it taste sweet and the shell was easy to break off but of course no more meat to the other crablah.

Ops I almost forget another dish here. The Belacan Fried Long bean with Squid slices
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Hm…give full marks for my mum dishes….kakaka.

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9 thoughts on “Curry Crab : homemade dishes

  1. Liew Post author

    Ipohchai: Hi there!!! thkz for dropping by and leave a comment here. this crap was special for curry but steam also not bad as long as it was fresh.

    Ahkwong: yawor. next time you come i ask my mom prepare pan Mee.

    Mspretty: neo issit?! Need to ask my mom but I did know how to cook the Belacan long been with squid. you really need the recipe meh…need type many manylah… I try to write down by hand and scan it into img next time.

    Anston: go where? dun understand?

    Kenny Ng: Yah this curry crab can found it in high class mamak stall and Nasi Kandar place…but i think quite expansive de…go eat lah then.

    Huei: U should try it at Nasi Kandar stall. I think 1kg only RM13-15 at pasar and you can ask your mom to buy it

  2. Criz Lai

    Eh…Intro me to your Mum then, I can pretend become your long long far far away cousin and can try out the nice food she cooked…hehehe

    p/s: added you in my blogroll. Love your blog 🙂

  3. Liew Post author

    Criz Lai: Yoz, thkz for your visiting and comments. hahahaha, as long as my fren or cousin come my mum will sure present her cooking skill. Thkz for ur adding and I will link back you as well.

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