Beautiful Skirt from the sky

It also call as Northen light. I always thought that this scene was fake one but actually was real. the photos below were snap from Alaska one but not with my handslah. This was something in my wish list about travelling to Alaska.

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While playing video games such as (final fantasy)FF series… I always think that whether if this kind of scene really will occur on the relistic world or not…yes it did but not as perfect as Gamelah. Estimate RM30 000 will use fot this kind of travelling and suffer under -10 to -50 degrees cold.

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Many people would ask me that would be worth or not by just only to get the feeling and come back here for zero. In my mind set, this was one of my dream to go such place and experience the wonders of the world. I heard one of my friend came back from Canada said tha he got chances to view this northen lights overthere but it was not as beautiful then Alaska.(Envylah……)

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I really hope that I can travel there before age of 30. Kinda freak dunno what inspiration make me post this thing…

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9 thoughts on “Beautiful Skirt from the sky

  1. Nastasshea@Nesh

    Wow so beautiful! I wish I can go see the northern lights too! Just feel like reaching your hands up and touch the lights right? The wonder of nature is just facsinating!

  2. fattien

    Huei: Really like FF series, I start to play from FF7, FF8, FF9(stop), FFX, then now FF12(still not finish yet). I prefer FF8 character but also like YUNA from FFX.

    Lollipop: beautiful and peaceful…..

    Anston: At least RM30,000lah and have to buy all the coat and antil cold equitment.

    Nastasshea: yeah!!! northern lights and the clear sky with stars I am sure like dreaming at that moment. besides it was on the snow surface summore… I can’t Imagine how it feels. thats why I always thinking to travel there..

    Simon: Yah…it featured a lot in FF7 and FF10 as well. By the way, thankz for dropping by and ur comments.

  3. Monk

    northern aurora. It is not every night u can see it. Sometimes , u need luck to see it. Just make u sure if u really going to north such as arctic make such it is not summer. at there , the summer can be as long as 6 months (without nights). 😛

  4. fattien

    Monk: Hey there!!!! thkz for hopping to my site. I might take ur advice and what u said is true as my fren did tell me the same thing. It was super duper cold as well!!! before going there I have to prepare a lot of cloth stuff.

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