Annual Forecast for the Pig (None halal post)

Conservative investments are the order of the day (or the year, so to speak), Pig! Do not dabble in high-risk stocks and investments or you may do badly. If you have been harboring plans to set up your own business empire, do squirrel the papers away for the time being – the year 2007 is inauspicious for new business ventures for the Pig.

The Pig in long-distance relationships will experience serious setbacks due to communication breakdown. Swallow your ego and pursue your partner with all your romance weapons, Pig, or you may be in for a break-up. This goes the same for married Pigs, too – woo your partner and ply him or her the kind of attention you wish for yourself, and you will see instant reciprocation, and best of all a revitalization of your union! It’s not so hard to turn your love life around.

Single Pigs may not fair better, as well – but, though prospective partners are slim, fun and excitement is in store for the swinging Pig! Have fun.

The year 2007 sees the Pig in excellent health! But, 50-year old Pig people should monitor their health and receive a thorough medical checkup since you may be in for some illnesses due to stress-related problems. You may alleviate these sicknesses by taking a much-needed holiday this year for some rejuvenation, or practice meditation activities such as Yoga and such to calm and soothe your fraying nerves. Good luck!

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