Ahkwong sister’s Siew and Qing Marry Engagement : Morning Section

Last week I went to a photo section for Ahkwong‘s sister Marry Engagement. Hahaha…Congratulations to this couple. Ahkwong u should Gan Bah Teh, OK? Myin Can’t wait you for so long.


Temple Tian Hou– I know everybody will know this place especially for those who are planing for marry and praying. We arrive there by 10 in the morning so before enter there we did camwhore for a while.


Ahkwong and Myin


Iyris and Qing– The Marridge couple


Since I know them quite many years already but not start from the photo belowlah..kakakaka. I knew them start from secondary school. I steal this photo from Iyrics site.
Ahkwong (left) and Iyrics (right)

Say Cheese!!!! happy moms there with them.


This was the rules and regulation for wedding engage procedure. You might know this when you are getting to marry…lolx. Click the image below for enlarge and sorry for those who don’t understand chinese words.


Most Happy moment!!!


Family group photo.


My post end up here, more photos coming soon.

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