Ahkowng’s sister Siew & Qing Wedding Ceremony: Night Section

Continues from the previous post and it was about 7 pm at that moment. The Wedding ceremony was held at Ampang Park. I reach there early for another photo section again but this time I am not going upload more photos coz must remain some important part to Ahkwong….kakakaka(upload faster plz!!!)


The Couple


Myin and Ahkwong relatives. I am behind them too but only the reflection from the miror. You guys don’t confuse that was X object oh.


This was Ahkwong’s Dota Gang but also appitians as well. I state thier Dota nick name here. (from Left to right)KingKo, guguX, SohaiX, Ys, PeniX and CPC.


The Couple and thier Friends.


My post end up here. Wish you this couple Happy ever after and got dozen of babies…kekeke!!!

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