29/10 Weekends!!!Oh Yeah!!!(part 2)

After we took our lunch at The Mines Parade we continue our journey to Ulu Langat water dam.
This place was always mention by Ming Wei since I never been there before so lets go together.

Actually it was like a life Zoo along the road, u can see giant lizards, deers, boars……but along the way we saw a lot monkeys.

So we quickly park aside and wait for some close shots on them.

After that we continue our journey to the water dam.it take about 45 minutes from KL to reach that place. After the some mountains and forests we finally reach….OMG !!! it was so scenery.
And we saw rainbow as well.

We quikly rush out there and take a few shots.

IT was so great at that moment and I have to thank Ming Wei took to such nice places and the diary end up here.

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