4/11 My Lunch at Happiness Restoran

I remember last time I used to ate with Ah Kwong and Myin at Ampang there(Happiness Restoran) The food was all in Hong Kong style one. We all like to eat there becoz all the dishes so big and price still ok plus with a very quite environment. After that the Restoran move to Time Square already and everything change. Food Quality drop and the size of dishes reduced to 30 percent compare to Ampang, but yet still got many people come to eat.

Almost every Saturday I will Join My culleague come here to eat and I will order Peanut Toast and Speggeti most of the time.

This Restoran was near the Time square Cinema there 3rd floor, so when you reach there u will saw this bunting there so u just turn left.

So I ate this besides order toast and bread stuff coz a bit boring already. The taste for this dishes just normal.

These were the people who join the lunch at that moment.

Mr Skeleton


Dai Koh

Mr skeleton with the ugly face.

Final group photo.

6 thoughts on “4/11 My Lunch at Happiness Restoran

  1. ahkwong

    wow, alice nice chicks ya~~ btw i never go there eat before, because i know foods sure not much, and also quality will drop. If you wan to have nicer one, go for leisure mall that one

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