Ten factors that would affect your salary increment and promotion.

It was time to clean up my room as chinese new year will coming soon so i just rearrange out all the messy books and comics to my storage. Somehow, I found this book which my friend left it at my house for almost half year already but I never read it. It might be the reason that I am not so interest in reading. Oh well, just a bit boring and not get ready to sleep yet. So I opened up the book and I started to read some of the articles.

I found this “ten factors that would affect your salary increment and promotions”. it was all chinese article so I direct tranlate it.

You almost got the same perfomance as your colleague but why still not be promote or get increase for your salary so this might cause by some of the reasons:
1) Bad coversation and cooperation to your manager / executive – Your manager might arrange work for you. Somehow you need to report the progress to your manage frequently and make good conversation to your manage instead of just being tripod(polish) o your manager.

2) Punctuallity problem – Everyone might late for some reason but if you get late to work frequently it my affect your image. Eventhough your boss ignore this but your colleagues might found it unfair or even back step you.

3) Non respect company culture – Each company have thier own working flow and system, somehow you still have to follow them or else you might rugi.

4) Over reaction – To show off some of your skill for ensuring that your get value by your manager was good but plz dun over do it coz it make him feel annoying.

5) Lack of co-operative – You might be very good on some skill but it was bad if you don’t make it as a co-operative tools to help other colleague. If you do help other ppl the manager will keep an eye of you.

6) Don’t let them know your weak point- If you dunno how to do that thing please don’t go for it or you might recommend other people coz it will detuct your marks.

7) Don’t complain so much – Today you complain this and that the other day you might get complain by other people. You might consider to talk about good things rather that bad things.

8) Do more suggestion and don’t just keep quite – Sometimes suggestion are necessary to improve your work. If this was good for the company then you should speak out and don’t just sitting there coz your manager will found that you are not concentrate on your job.

9) Don’t be so opposite action – Your colleague might boycot you.

10) lazy and extend your work flow – Once you accept any task please complete it on time if there was any problem please report it asap. No extend and over due time coz it might lower your perfomance.

This article were very useful for the people which was just started thier first job. For me I think I fail half of it although I have been working for few years……XD. It depends on you whether you find ur manager / boss / company good or not.

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