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Kek Lok Si Night view during Chinese New Year

During the 3rd day of Chinese New Year, we travel around 3 hours from Kampar to Penang. The traffics at Penang bridge was so terrible during that afternoon. Anyhow we still make it on 5 30 pm at the afternoon so we met hungwei at one of the Macdonald near Air Hitam.

After some rest, Hungwei lead us to the Sunway hotel which near Kamdar at the same time really thankz for him to help us out for the booking and seeking hotel rooms to stay overnight. I wonder why so many people coming back to penang…lolz coz the rooms were limited and hard to find. After some rest, hungwei lead me and Ahkwong to Kek lok si as our main purpose to come to penang.

Crowd and terrible jam along the road and pedestrian to Kek Lok Si temple. Many people come here to eat, pray, playing and shooting. Once we reach there we just woaw!!! so nice see from far as you can see beatiful lights and numbers of colorful lantherns hanging around the Kek Lok Si temple.
Kek Lok Si

kek Lok Si

Kek Lok Si

Hung wei and Eugene Ahkwong. I remember he told me that this was the fourth time he came here.
Kek Lok Si

kek Lok Si

kek Lok Si

Group pic of us.
Group Pic

Kek Lok Si

Kek lok Si

After finishing walking everywhere we decide to visit the upper part of the Kek Lok Si so we can snap the night view of Penang and the giant Guang Ying Statue. It was unlucky that day coz many people quening for the skyway and heard it was not worth to paid it so we walk up. After reaching the top I understand why so many people want to quene for the skyway as the road was 45 degree up hill and yet we have to walk a distance to reach top…It just make me so sweaty and exhausted. At the same time cars were all quening and jaming there, the smoke and smell of the tyres really make me sick.

Anyhow Penang night view was so beautiful. And my post end up here ^_^
Penang Night View

Penang Night View

Short trip to Genting Highland Temple : photo session

This month really going crazy. I was really busy to work, vacation, playing around and photoshooting this period. My schedule of this month was fully utilized. This photoshooting of temple was done by last 9 days ago at Genting Highland. And yet i just came back 2 days ago from Genting for Kitaro concert.
If you guys want to watch Kitaro perfonmance photo you can go to view Lynn blog

Sorry for delaying the post because I really lazy to blog yesterday and I didn’t even touch Internet at all. Really miss dakei all the time, I remeber last time I usually DOTA 3 days a week and now reduce to one day a week. I love to be one person sometimes.

Ok talk back about this trip, actually we came up to Genting to visit Hungwei. This half day trip include me, Ahkwong and Mich

The Open Gate

The sunset scenery.

The corner of the roof.

The Genting Temple jump shot.

Mich with the Temple building.

Ahkwong at the gate

My post stop until here. More post coming soon.