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Short trip to Genting Highland Temple : photo session

This month really going crazy. I was really busy to work, vacation, playing around and photoshooting this period. My schedule of this month was fully utilized. This photoshooting of temple was done by last 9 days ago at Genting Highland. And yet i just came back 2 days ago from Genting for Kitaro concert.
If you guys want to watch Kitaro perfonmance photo you can go to view Lynn blog

Sorry for delaying the post because I really lazy to blog yesterday and I didn’t even touch Internet at all. Really miss dakei all the time, I remeber last time I usually DOTA 3 days a week and now reduce to one day a week. I love to be one person sometimes.

Ok talk back about this trip, actually we came up to Genting to visit Hungwei. This half day trip include me, Ahkwong and Mich

The Open Gate

The sunset scenery.

The corner of the roof.

The Genting Temple jump shot.

Mich with the Temple building.

Ahkwong at the gate

My post stop until here. More post coming soon.