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Roxy Summer Splash : Super Pack

Last Saturday we came to Sunway Pyramid with Anston for this Roxy Summer Splash event which invited by Eugene. So happy to meet so many bloggers there…Mich, Eri, Hiew, Jensurf, Pop, Simon So, Danielctw, Hungwei and sorry for the other names….. I steal this picture from SimonSo site.
Summer splash

By that time I saw crowd of people quenening to the wet park of Sunway Lagoon, I give up to quene and the same time we went to Kimgary to have our lunch with Hungwei. It was damn hungry at that moment and I order Seafood Bake Cheese Rice with Extra Cheese. Aaron was just arrived us at that moment.
Sunway Kimgary

After finish the meal, we head back to quene but the crowd was too overwhelming. It took us quite a long time to get out of there. The picture below tell everything.

We give up to get in and even others bloggers friend which have get into the event also came back out of there. After we meet up with other bloggers we went to another food session at one of the Sunway Ramen Restaurant. My blog stop until here.