S.H.E on stage : MyFM 9th year anivesary celebration at Sungei Wang car park.

I stop posting up Genting and other post 1st because many of my friends want to look on S.H.E photo. Many people Keep on asking and chasing….Ohmy pengsan already. It was happen yesterday at Sungei Wang 4th floor car park. I reach there by 6.15 pm but got people got people came more early then me. (3 pm I think especially for the fans!!!)

I snap on the stage and the environment by the time I reach. Actually I am not going to come for SHE coz I was hanging with my friends Yum cha until late night on thursday night. I am very tired and exhausted at the moment. Lynn was came around to join the crowd.


Look at the crowd and fans!!! Quite respect them especially took so long time to wait(starting from morning if not estime wrong) and u know the weather therelah. Quite feel like I am in Taiwan now and entertainment reporter now….lolz


People quening like crazy!!!


The place that we were standing (far far behind and block with something). Pity that we dun have entry ticket coz it need to redeem with the new records from S.H.E at Sungei Wang last Saturday but that time we were at Genting Highland to redeem Wubai Ticket.


The KL tower I took there, kinda boring of waiting…..hot as well…..T_T”’


Duration from 6.30 to 8.30pm ( 2 hours), My legs getting pain like cry!!!!


I saw hundreds camera and phone camera wave.


Feel sorry for the fans stand beside me becoz that can’t get the pictures as it was too far far away. I even need to raise up my camera then snap snap by viewing my LCD and I was using 420 mm + 2x digital zoom.
My fren lynn laughing at me coz she saw many ppl behind concentrate on my miny size LCD as they can’t see S.H.E as to far behind from stage. My hands almost putus loh by raise it and stood properly like that. Aiyo can feel like slimmer a bit jor.


Sorry guys and gals image might not that nice this time. Febe and Zhen Wei Kang come on stage 1st.


He got a nice voice!!! Love his song. Support!!!


The fake S.H.E. lolz…… singing with the “zhong Guo Hua”


Finally…..saw them Selina, Hebe and Ella




The best photo I can get other all burst already….haiz. My post end up here and hope u all really like it coz of the sacrifice of 3 hours standing there. My legs and hand almost putus.


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11 thoughts on “S.H.E on stage : MyFM 9th year anivesary celebration at Sungei Wang car park.

  1. Neo

    Hallo. You want to get free VIP tickets to the circus show? Come to my blog to learn more. I believe you will support me and the circus right?

    Thanks yeah, bro. 🙂

  2. Eugene

    HAHAHAHA fattien.. your post is so funny man..

    can’t imagine everyone beside you looking at your mini screen.. kekeke.. 😀 wah.. you zoom that time hands not shaky?? hmm… i wonder how u snap from so far..

    really geng.. @_@

  3. Liew Post author

    Spookygrace: Last time I felt quenening like this was fool and suffer, but after I joining my friend once last time I felt different and Super love it to be like that. “The atmosphere” make my blood hot I think.

    Neo: Haiz, I am a unofficial nembie photographer..that y…

    Ahkowng: If I got chance I also wan 😛

    Anston:Aduiiii, No entry ticket ar!!!! >_< Huei: You dun like SHE? or..... Neo: okay might go there read later. Eugene: Shake like hell....hungry that time. I think 10 photos only got 1 clear. hahaha...Me keong leh.

  4. conan_cat

    wahliao, so far away can still get so nice shots! you already very geng lor!! 😀 me shaky hands one sure knt take pics liddat haha… and thanks for da update on SHE! 😛 this time they not so flashy on their clothes wor haha…

  5. Liew Post author

    Conan_cat: Oh!!!thankz. Onlys few shot clearlah. btw most of the pics blur already. I think thier main show was on penang.

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