Restaurant Thai Sabye Sabye

Last Monday we went to have our dinner at Restaurant Thai Sabye Sabye which locate at Jalan Klang Lama. Always want to have a try on that place but my friends were more to chinese and western food so just ignore this restaurant. Rainy day coz me want to eat spicy food and Steamboat and lucky Lynn accompany me to dine here.

Comfortable and nice dining place but a bit dark here.



I like the decorate lights and lattern. *snap *snap



So here come the dessert. Normally restaurant will serve us peanuts but they serve us with Nyonya Kuih. Kinda tasty.


Tom Yam soup with seafood, Not to spicy and taste just good, this dish very suitables for people that can’t handle spicy food. Taste so good attempting the rice.


Vege with Belacan – Sorry don’t know what vege is this. A bit old but still smell good.


Crab paste with bake chicken that wrab with banana leaf. Luv it!!!


Thai Fried Rice. Thumbs up!!!


Lynn with her babe Canon 400D. Pratice more and more!!! I think u can learn from AprilCherrie Jie can and she can become ur SIFU coz taking the same camera. Try to msg to her blog..lolz


I also dream to have one of this machine but no money now….T_T.


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4 thoughts on “Restaurant Thai Sabye Sabye

  1. ahkwong

    i think your photo shooting angle should improve and i noticed some of the pic goes blur d…

    y ur hand always shake like tat 1… =.= how come ah?

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