Nana : Mika Nakashima

I was so addicted to Mika voice for a long period and even now she was on Movie already act as Nana, and the movie called “Nana” as well. I believe that many people have watch this movie already (has been release in Astro) and great news which that the continues movie of Nana 2 will release soon.

This Movie actually came from a comic. Besides, Anime were allowed in the market now. Nana Osaki is a punk singer who wants to debut as soon as possible to leave her ex-boyfriend, Ren Honjo, behind. Nana and Ren were members of the same group, and lived together as lovers in an apartment. When Ren was offered a chance to debut in Tokyo as a replacement member of the popular band TRAPNEST, Nana had to choose between either going with Ren and being his stay-at-home girlfriend, or remaining with her own band. Realizing that following Ren would mean giving up her own dream to be a singer, she chooses to cultivate her own band, BLACK STONES .
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Nana staring as Mika Nakashima give a different characteristic and look of mika, a punk look Mika. I luv this outfit more than then the original one.
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The difference in between Anime and Movie
Anime version
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Movie version
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As the First time I look at this Anime, I know why the director choose Mika for this Movie. The features and the low voice of Mika was so fit to the character. I really love punk look gals u know even many friends criticise my taste.

I suppose to post this up very early but due to a lot of work load last month I even no time to watch the anime and VCD. Besides, I did buy original album of Nana soundtracks. Damn Cunning (for melah)

“The End” – The first Album and also the last Album
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My favourite song “Glomorous Sky”

I scan the pictures inside the CD cover.
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I bought this album too – YES –
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The original of Mika Nakashima look – goddess –

Nana movie -VCD version-
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Awaiting for part 2!!!!!

Nana Anime – Part 1 & Part 2 (DVD vers. + 1 Audio CD)
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If you want see more details about the stories and I recommend you to buy the Anime.

Many people will ask me to download or buy pirated from Pasar Malam. Yeah I do!!! I will try on the pirated one first see it whether nice or not then I will go to buy a original one. Is Kinda freak issit!!! hahaha but Mika is not hot at Malaysia Market so no choicelah I go for original one. Sometimes I even ask my friend import it from Japan if I can’t found at local.

Movie Trailer– Nana 1

Movie Trailer– Nana 2

Nana’s soundtracks and themes

Post End up here. more entry coming soon

15 thoughts on “Nana : Mika Nakashima

  1. Liew Post author

    Conan_cat: I not so sure but this movie will release in Japan this month (nana2), Malaysia might can be next month.

    Huei: super luv punk punk look gal.

  2. Nastasshea@Nesh

    Wow the gothic girl looks so cool!!! I always love those gothic style that’s why i love bands like Evanescence and My Chemical Romance. I actually think Gothic looks HOT!

  3. fattien

    Nastasshea@Nesh: Yo!!! you like Evanescence ar!!!! me too loh…favourite band of all. I like thier songs “my Immortal”, “sweet sacrifice”, “Everybody fool”……………..By the way I also very luv Avril

  4. Liew Post author

    Siowmay: hahaha.. I choose Mika staring Nana

    Ellone: yah!!! Go watch…it was nice and I am waiting for part 2 now.

  5. mike

    hey… u like nana or mika nakashima? I listen to mika since college time til now. I bought ALL of her albums.. True, Love, Music, Yes, The end… Do check out her songs. When i bought Mika’s 3rd album Music, her long beautiful hair was gone for the sake of acting the character NANA, it was an OMG for me. Now thank god thew album “The End” was out, means the end for mika acting NANA, therefore her has grow back her long hair… haha

  6. mike

    oh ya, buy her previous albums too! i got the NANA VCD as well b4 astro show it. But it’s worth to have one still. About nana soundtrack, check out OLIVA insp’ REIRA (trapnest), it’s quite not bad. Theme songs are included in that soundtrack u have i guess, but this particular album by this artist is worth to listen too. Ha i found another Mika lover.

  7. Liew Post author

    Mike: I like both as well. Mika voice was unique especially singing jazz and blue. I was so so addicted to her voice… I like this song “heaven on earth” and “Cry no more”. By the way, Olivia voice was good oso. I heard my friend said that this singer was quite new and famous in Japan. It was too bad I can’t find her album in local country.

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