My Chinese New Year Program

Get How much Ang Pow you guys? Oh well, I am quite satisfy about my Ang Pow money this year but it was not as previous year. Why? Coz I felt very pai seh to take Ang Pow according to my ages.

Any Place to go?
Yes, I do went to Seremban with my family to meet up with my relatives there. Anyhow, there were some place I would not go this years. I think this was great news to me coz I have break through to old routines but bad news to my parents coz I didn’t join them to the other relatives places. So sorry for that my parents!!!! Oh plz, I quite fed up ppl ask me questions such as:
1. Where is your girl friend?
2. How much salary you earn for your job.
3. How come you so fat de?
4. Plus……..many question.

So what I plan to do for my own CNY program?
Yo!!! I never miss to visit my buddies and my friends. Somehow we went to Neway sing K for the 1st day of the Chinese New Year. After we visit each other house so met up there by night 1pm.

People who involve : Myin, Ahkwong, Ming Wei, Khai, Lynn and me

Oh….I almost forget my model last year Lynn

as our K queen of the night!!!

Myin and Ahkwong

Ah khai

We end up this by 4.00 o’clock in the morning. Ok my post end up here and there will be more soon!!!

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