Kukujiao Sudah Hilang : Found and safe

I was Kukujiao.com blog reader and I just get news from Wingz about the missing of this blogger(Earl Ku) from MNS.


According to his sister (Kim) he hasnt come back at all after that (this is the comment Kim left in Earl’s blog). He has been missing for fews days already. Besides, there were still no any information until now even report to the police.

If any of you saw him please call this phone number 0166902359 (KIM) asap and stop him and hold him from getting anyway.

Now Found!!!

6 thoughts on “Kukujiao Sudah Hilang : Found and safe

  1. earl-ku

    am back, am back, am back …

    woah … i am astonished … never knew i was that fehmes at all also … hahaha

    okok due to some unforeseen circumstances, i was unable to get my calls through … and i was away for a few days, 5 days to be exact.

    i am a’ok, and am good.

    thanks for the caring thoughts, and no banglas was hurt in this incident k …

    paiseh paiseh, and most importantly kamsiah kamsiah …

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