Food at Jalan Alor and Jalan Tong Shin

This was a very outdated post which happen before the blogger gathering which celebrate at the curve Marche. I remember that night we out came out for shopping and chosing a mysterious gift for the party. After we bought our stuff we went to Jalan Alor for dining.


It been few years never came here to have my meal and the environment there changes a lot. The hawker was not the same anymore and more to hong kong style food. The cookers have all change to Cambodian and Indonesian with uniform. Besides, that place have service charges and government tax that make me feel …yarks

I was kinda missing the old days of Jalan Alor and everything was change. The taste all different compare to last time and i can’t found back the food feeling and memory there. Many traditional taste have gone and the food quality here even sucks then ever. I believe they just aim for tourist and foreigner only.

Anyhow, Lynn have came back to the blogsphere. Long time didn’t see her since she was very busy on her work.

The food we order. I heard many complaints from my friend so next time if you guys and gals come here please chose those hawker which not wearing uniform.

Random pics : Oh well, I have forget mention the people coming here. There was Hungwei, Mich, Lynn, Anston, ahkwong and me


After we finish our meal, we felt not satisfy so we continue walk towards Jalan Tong Shin and we hope to find some good food there. And I chosen the beef noodles which I have didn’t came here more than few years.

I use to came here to eat frequently while I was still stay at Old Pudu road before I move to Sri Petaling. Oh well, the soup and beef mix still remain the same taste.

But the quality of the noodle have drop. Besides, the price was not cheap as well which one bow of small portion is almost RM 5.


After the meal we went back to Timesquare for the movie “Hitman”. My post end up here.

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  2. Liew Post author

    Media Districts Entertainment blog: thankz for the linking

    Huei: U can go there to try!! but dun go to hawker which wear same T_shirt or uniform.

    3point8: this is true!!! haha but not most of them.

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