Final Fantasy VII Advent Children -REUNION PROFILES-

Yo, I am so excited last Tuesday Coz I just bought this cool stuff “FF7 Advent Children” reunion profile. Still remember this ova movie which release last year?! I think all the FF series fans should not miss it rite!! So you guy also dun miss this reunion profile too coz it was limited collection once sold out means no more already.

I bought it arround RM 50 at Sungei Wang and it was quite cheap coz normaly this kind of collection profile will cost around RM 100 to RM 200 ++ Besides, I might share out some pics which I snap from this FF7 reunion profile.

The Symbol


Do you all still remember this!!! The original of the FF7 during 8++ years ago..??

I still remember that time I am very crazy about this RPG game which release from Squaresoft. Nowadays that don’t call it squaresoft but square-enix. Because of this game I save all the money and empty my stomach to buy the Playstation 1. Afterthat, it release FF8 and then FF9 following by that was FF10 which only can play in PS2. Aiya no choicelah…. I do the same thing again (save money and empty stomach) then continue play FFX and FFX-2. FF11 is a online game that time so I stop for this version and now I just started to play FF12 coz waiting for the english version one XD!!! Now even got movie already.

Many ppl dun understand this movie unless you have play this game before. I think I would not goona to mention this coz it was a very wrong story. If u guys/gals want to know u can review to this site

Character files

Cloud Strife



Sketch and thumbnails


The Final Boss- Sephiroth

And now there still got an even latest one FF13!!!!! and it will only base on PS3. OMG, I think I might lost money to buy it again…

FF13 trailer must watch ar!!!

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