25/10 Visit my old school “Confucian”

This was the 5th day of Holiday. Ah khai organise this gathering at our secondary school. Me, Ah khai, Fu Rong(from China), Zie Hou, Jew Lian and Ming Wei were involved. Before go for a tea I do took some photo from there…

Front entrance of our secondary school.

This place have nothing change our memory still remains but no one remember us liao…

Ah khai and Fu Rong. There were nothing change to Fu Rong as he wear school uniform still cheat ppl. Ah Khai look skiner and skiner…..

me and Fu Rong.

After we assemble at school then we went to king’s cafe to have our lunch and gathering there.

The food there are normal and we all order nasi lemak (which was bowling qeen favourite). Fu Rong….. his feature look a bit like “storm raider” movie’s mun chao chao coz his was so white…lolz. Hope u dun mind just kidding only…

This was Zie Hou, A classmate that didn’t see for n years. He was still studying now.

Ah khai and Ming Wei.

After we finished our meal we went b home loh……and our holiday end here..
Em… there is one thing i still remember…


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