24/10 Hari Raya!!!Genting Indoor(part 2)

This is the final part of our Genting’s journey. We choose to visit “Ripley’s believe it or not” exhibitons sections. It is about Rm 20 per person. Let us see what u can found inside here!!!

This program can found at Astro’s AXN chanel, it is a well know program and it more about rare stuff.

This is and craft boat tht made of gold, believe it or not!!

potrait of Dr Mahathir. It is fill with 40,000 piece of jewels, believe it or not!!

A palace Which build by uncountable fire matches, believe it or not!!

This is a vampire killing kit which was use to fuck up vampire and “ghost!!! u know ghost”, believe it or not!!

Lynn was sitting on the most lucky chair in the world, believe it or not!!

This is the biggest shark teeth that found in the world, belive it or not!!

There were many creepy things to c but i only capture a few pictures this is becoz camera are not allow to this section. I only curi ayam sahaja.

we saw funny miror as well, so we go to pose infront of the miror…haha it is funny

It is almost evening liao loh, so we end up here and say bye bye to genting loh

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