Young Kuala Lumpur Singers (YKLS)- MOVE IT

Last week I have attend this Choir show at Bangsa Mall.It was located at the top floor there which call the actor studio.

The Young KL singers, there were roxkz!!!

Below the pictures was taken by Eugene, Thankz bang!! I very like it ^_^V


I bought my ticket about RM 32 at the counter there. hehehe …so lets go to watch the show!!!




Yah…I understand the rules coz that the sit were quite near the stage and the flash light might bother and distract the perfomance of the singers.

I was thinking that the choir was quite boring, but after I linsten to it….wow…is was so great!! It give me a unplugged concert feeling. It was like half drama half singing and overall songs was so joyful. Thumbs up!!! babyjen, you guys and gals are hots.

After the show ends we came out for a camwhoring session.

First time met Babyjen. So nice to meet ya 😀


Timmy Leong issit? I forget already if I spell wrong the name.


Kelly aka Kellster was there too!!! say cheese!! 🙂


Bye Bye, I sure will come back to see this show again!!! Great show Jen ni


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3 thoughts on “Young Kuala Lumpur Singers (YKLS)- MOVE IT

  1. conancat

    eh choir performances are really fun de leh~~ haha i also regret i didn’t go for that. seemed like you really enjoyed it! i also in choir because it’s fun 😀

  2. Liew Post author

    Eri: But I look nice in this pics….hahaha 😛

    Conancat: Woah, you choir!!! Lol that was great. Can teach me sing moh?

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