Wu Bai Concert at Genting Highland:伍佰&China Blue 『妳是我的花朵』演唱會

Finally can upload this post about Wu bai 伍佰 China Blue concert at Genting Highland. Four of us Myin, Lynn, Ahkwong were rushing to Genting. Rooms were fully booked that day and by no choice we book Arwana Hotel due to student holidays now.

Very hazy!!!!


It took us half an hour to look for car park, we keep on running and running!!! finally reach the concert place there by 7.30pm.



It was very suprize!!! We meet our old classmate Wei Shuan at the concert and she just sit our back row. So Gan Donglah!!! We have a group photo before the show start.


We did some camwhoring at that moment.


Before the show start I am here to tell a bit about Wu bai. born 14 January 1968) is the stage name of a rock singer from Taiwan, Wu Chun-lin (Chinese: 吳俊霖; pinyin: Wǔ Jǔnlín; Taiwanese: Ngô· Chùn-lîm). He forms a band with China Blue, comprised of Dean “Dino” Zavolta on drums, Yu Ta-hao (余大豪 Yú Dàháo, aka “Big Cat”) on keyboards, Chu Chien-hui (朱劍輝 Zhū Jiànhuī) on bass guitar and Wu Bai on guitar and lead vocals.

Wu Bai was born in Suantou, Lioujiao — literally “Garlic Village” — in Chiayi County in south-central Taiwan. His father was a retired Taiwan Sugar Corporation worker and his mother a betel nut vendor, and he had two younger brothers who died tragically in a car accident. His nickname Wu Bai, meaning “five hundred,” derives from several stories, none of which can be proven to be fact: one story says the name came from his early academic success when he scored 100 points on each of five examination subjects.However, an interest in music in his teenage years led to a decline in his academic performance and he failed to pass the university entrance examinations. Another story says he used to charge 500 Taiwan Dollars for his early concerts. Another story says he was fat as a high school student and the local kids teased him for weighing “like 500 kilograms”.

In 2003, Wu Bai married Chen Wen-pei, his girlfriend of over 10 years, in a private ceremony in Fukuoka, Japan.

Show Begin!!! Really love the lightning of the concert…kinda miss that coz I haven’t see concert for a very long time.




I tot he will come out with a guitar but so suprise that he came out dance with 5 pretty dancers and sing 妳是我的花朵. So hot can although was a bit old liao but still ROXKZ!!!!



Following by that, I heard my favourite songs 愛情的盡頭 (The End of Love), 浪人情歌 (Wanderer’s Love Song), 樹枝孤鳥 (Lonely Tree, Lonely Bird)……many many. It reminded those day while I was linsten his song during secondary school. I can felt all my cells was burning!!!!!!!

He change many guitars during each song, He was singing Tong ku de ren with this guitar







The whole concert duration was 2 hours ++ It was a wonderful night!!!! Really want to see again!!! Want to see more pictures from Wubai can link to this site www.blog.ahkwong.com. My post end up here.

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22 thoughts on “Wu Bai Concert at Genting Highland:伍佰&China Blue 『妳是我的花朵』演唱會

  1. Liew Post author

    ahkwong: I am not the management of thatlah…hahaha, Maybe next time I invite more leng lui dance with me then u snap me okie 😛

    Huei: those dancer were leaves only but wu bai is flower. that y the song call ni shi wo de hua duo.lolz

  2. ahkwong

    eh fatty i should be ur special guest and u snap pic for me ma… aiyo

    besides, huei wan become our photolog self portrait white mouse?

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  6. Daniel

    I have to say, that I could not agree with you in 100% regarding hina Blue 『妳是我的花朵』演唱會, but it’s just my opinion, which could be wrong 🙂

  7. Kaila Yu

    Hi…I Googled for kaila yu pic, but found your page about hina Blue 『妳是我的花朵』演唱會…and have to say thanks. nice read.

  8. Daniel

    I couldn’t understand some parts of this article Wu Bai Concert at Genting Highland:伍佰&China Blue 『妳是我的花朵』演唱會, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

  9. Kaila Yu

    Hi…I Googled for kaila yu music, but found your page about hina Blue 『妳是我的花朵』演唱會…and have to say thanks. nice read.

  10. Weewee

    woohoo! Those are some great shots there…I just went to the Singapore concert at suntec city last night and the adrenaline’s still pumping…really didn;t want to go home.

  11. nicholas heng

    hey guys. any idea when is the next concert ?? i’m starting to regret not goin to his concert back then !!

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