Words to everbody :o HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!

This year was freaking weird!!! Coz I can’t feel any Chinese New Year atmosphere. I can’t hear Chinese New Year Song and I saw less people shopping during this few days. I think I mightbe shop very late and everybody already preparing to went back to home town. haiz….. Nvmlah!! I try to make my blog more CNY feel.

All photos were capture in Sungei Wang. hope you all will like it ^_^

Myin with Nikon D40

I put all the blessing chinese words on the pic hope everybody might felt some Chinese atmosphere here.

My new clothes, new pans, new bag and new shoe. Just buy few stuff only coz poor a bit this year lolz but I swear I will buy 5 times more next year after I get slimmer.

My post end up here!! Wish everybody Happy on your holiday!!!!

More pictures and news come back after CNY holiday. GONG XI FATT CAI

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4 thoughts on “Words to everbody :o HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!

  1. robin

    I also feel the same about not having the grand atmospehere around like it used to years back.. kinda like the whole thing got tamer and quiter.
    Anyway, you have a prosperous and happy Chinese New year ahead ya !!
    Gong Xi Fa Cai !

  2. Liew Post author

    Robin: Same to you too!!!! Gong Xi Fattt Cai!!!!

    Ahkwong: Just bought a bit only. NVMlah, next year I will buy more….more!!!!

    Anston: Yo!!!

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