Went back to my memorable place – Petalingstreets and S&M

It been long time no walking to petalingstreets since last year December until now. This place was where I always walk to my secondary schools (Confucian SM) and It has been 7 years where I Graduted until now. Most of my memories have store here especially gathering with my classmate and having our lunch.

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I went they with Anston and Kaopeh. I am not dare enough to take shots at that place as I have been lost my first Digital Camera at this place so I took this pic from far. I am quite fed up to walking this road already compare to last time. Even when I am the only single guy walking on that road I will usually walk as fast as possible. The reason was I scared to being force to buy the pirate CD and DVD there.

They usually come with one gang and drag you into thier back and asking you to buy porn CD and they will force you to buy it. If you duwan to buy you will get score or even……. So I never will walk through here as long got frens accompany.

“S&M” This place did change a lot too… I always came here to buy Anime and comics during my college and school days.
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Since we have took our lunch so we order some fried stuff inside this Restaurant which called “Si Men Ting”. According from my memories this place was move from the OUG plaza.

So we order this Fried Yam
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Fried Loh Bak
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Each plate coz us RM5.00. Fuiyoh, it was quite expansive and the taste very normal only. this was not recommend place for you guys to eat when you come to S&M.


4 thoughts on “Went back to my memorable place – Petalingstreets and S&M

  1. conan_cat

    ahh, you study in SM Confucian ah???

    I study at Confucian private secondary school!! XD

    Graduated 2 years ago. Lol.

    And yeah same same with you, petaling street walk until dowan walk liao… S&M really get prettier, but not as happening as before though I feel. maybe it’s just plain cleaner

  2. Liew Post author

    Conan_cat: Yoz…. you are my junior loh. I forget to state that I am from the private one. Still remember ur batch number…lol my one was 95132.

    Ellone: I agree with u!!! but I still can buy the cheap cheap one at Timesquare 3rd floor. I like to buy by box rather than just Download from internet coz I want to collect them.

  3. Daniel

    I couldn’t understand some parts of this article Went back to my memorable place – Petalingstreets and S&M, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

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