Welcome Lynn the new Blogger!!!

Lynn just started her blog few days ago. I am here help her to promo a bit ^_^V. Below was her picture and I present it in lomography way. Of coz that I don’t own a lomography camera so use photoshop to edit the color as she like very artistic one…lolz

Her site http://a-lazynest.com. If u interest to know her or exhange link just go there to drop ur comments and msg but she will not reply(coz still very…..new….NEW NEW!!!! u know. dunno manything!!!! NOOB)


She did mention to me that she really like to take photos and ask me what digi camera to buy then I recommend her to buy DSLR. Afterthat she complain that the price was so expansive so I reply her “U like to snap mah then DSLR is ur best choice!!! Gurantee that u will use it for whole life” Afterthat she really go to buy a Canon 400D…oh…I faint @@””. After you went they to c her photo dun complaint ar coz she also very very new to photography just started only!!!!! kakakaka, (lynn) Dun throw stone at me ok!!! She dun mind you be her sifu coz she can paid u one….lolz.

She like to challenge everything on her life, Friendly and playful character. She can a a queen of Anime as well coz she almost watch all anime just ask her what anime is nice and she will try her best to recommend for you.


A person who like to travel everywhere. Hope she really like to blog for her journey. hehehe!!!


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6 thoughts on “Welcome Lynn the new Blogger!!!

  1. lynn

    wooi……i so grateful you help me promote my blog lar!Demone, Don’t put my weird photo mar!Don’t worry,i will throw you stone!!!

  2. Liew Post author

    Lynn: I still got more. hehehe!!! Duwan to put later not throw stone but knife already. hehehe

    Jason: hehehe

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