Triumph International Exhibition and Fashion Shows 2008 at One Utama

This event was held on last week 5th and 6th of April, I came with Hungwei, Anston, Ahkwong and Lynn. Anyhow, this was a bra fashion show. It really attract many photographer came here for shooting.

Besides, they also setup a corridor there for the bra’s exhibition. It mention about the bra’s history and manufacture. My main purpose to come here is to shot sexy models for sure…lolz

There fashion show has been set into few categories which base on each design house and fashion design

Here the randoms pics of the models and wears, so don’t expect our local culture here will allow them to just wearing like bikini catwalk here. lolz!!







ok, my post end up here. more coming soon.

9 thoughts on “Triumph International Exhibition and Fashion Shows 2008 at One Utama

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  2. Liew Post author

    Anston : you go to look those photo at photokaki… i think u got most of your photo same there. If I got something different means i snap ghost from there…lolz

  3. fattien

    Yozoranitesky: haha… as long that got chance to take photos I don’t choose to shot… somehow the models so nice.. hehe

    Huei: yalor…but no leng chai lar

    hp84: will post today ..sorry kinda busy to update.

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