Tim Yuen Porridge Steamboat : Celebrating with Esther came back From Taiwan

Glad you came back to Malaysia to visit us and this was the special post dedicate for you Esther Lau as our secondary school classmate. First of all I have to thankz Anston for the camwhore section. All the photos in this post provided by Anston so there was no any trademark here. How about my camere….*sweat””* forget to charge the battery…haiz.

Esther Lau
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That day was raining and felling a bit cold so we chose to have steamboat at Sri Petaling which call “Tim Yuen Porridege Steamboat”, it just located beside “kum lun tai” there.

The food and ingredient before pour in to cook.
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Separate into Porridge(right) and Chicken soup(left).
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Photo Section
Hungry!!! Hungry!!!
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Me(arch), Esther and Anston aka Daisycave
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Esther and Lynn(hey!!! when u start blogging ar!!!!????)
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Louis aka Ah Piew, Ah kwong, Myin and Esther
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Overall food was okay but I am not satisfy with the price. Actually it state RM 13.90 perpax but after paying the pill average was RM25++ for each person damn expansive. Just add a few side dish and 15% tax and service charge will come to that price…. kena felt like tipu makan. Can you imagine it was just some normal fish ball, prawn, wantan and vege only. It was not a good recommend place to eat… too expansive as I heard my fren said that RM 25 for 6 pax can even get to eat lobster and crab at other steamboat restaurant.

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9 thoughts on “Tim Yuen Porridge Steamboat : Celebrating with Esther came back From Taiwan

  1. ahkwong

    nia sing dam expensive to eat there, gv us lan jiao cheap food charge rm33 plus each people! Please dont go there, becoz it is super duper expensive!!! not worth!

  2. fattien

    Ahkwong: tht RM25++ is use to devide 7 ppl one but if devide by 6 sure come to RM33… next time dun go there again……hahaha.

    Anston: oklah, but they said RM33 + RM12 can go neway sing K already.

    Huei: Yah is not bad de but dun try the Sri Petaling one.. very expensive.

  3. Liew Post author

    Ahkwong: hahahah……u better not let her know u said so

    Anston: Aduh!!!!! just upload something already…wait lar

  4. Catherine

    sure haf to complaint mah….last time lost u all contact…now got contact…but din call me…. CRY~~~~~~~ =_=”

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