TAMIYA ASIA CUP Qualifying series at Berjaya Timesquare

This was a really hot stuff you know. It remind me those old day I was playing the small little race car during primary school. This Tamiya Asia is belong to the big guys and gals Toys and it was start by last Saturday 28th July at Berjaya TimeSquare.


Look at thier acessories for thier little car!!! It was amazing. This was the place to mantain thier own car which checking parts by parts and replace other sparepark. lolz…it look like fixing a real car. Refer to my friend and he mention about this hobby was quite Costly one but what I know different people got different opinionlah. Sometimes I even can spend a lot on others stuff but from parents view they will think that spending money like this is wasting money.


See!!!!! Even uncle also play mah. It was really fun can!! by controlling thier own toy with a big big remote.


Not easy to snap. Damn!!! the car move so fast until the pictures come out very blur.


Lucky got record video at the moment. Must see this video(length 16 second)!!!! It was damn nice and fun coz it look like real running cars..lolz

3…..2….1. Start Vroommmm…….


No choice!!! then I have to switch my camera to Shutter Mode with 1/250 s plus with flash light open but it look not nice at all gr….!!! My camera really bad on shutter mode.


Try on Manual mode then adjust to 1/50 second and finally I can get this result.
The Little Swift!!!

The Little FTO


Sometimes running too fast might coz BAANGINGG!!!! as well. lolz!!!


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4 thoughts on “TAMIYA ASIA CUP Qualifying series at Berjaya Timesquare

  1. poonky

    hahaha i 1st time saw uncle playing oh..coz usually uncle play those remote car that run using nitrous and diesel~ kinda big size than tamiya

  2. fattien

    Poonky: Yawoh, I saw them pour in some liquid stuff. I thinth this is what u mention about. Battery cannot be that power one.

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