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Penang Trip : Kek Lok Si Temple

After we eaten some food from Farlim we visited Kek Lok Si Temple as our 1st stop that day. Is really big changes for Kek Lok Si temple as I have never been here for few years. This places was just so near Mich house.


When we reach to the entrance, the first we do was to take out the camera and snap none stop. I was very enjoy the process and the weather was supreme blue that day.

Inside the Temple. the complicated and beautiful structure. Anyhow, Myin ask me not to take so much image for the budha so I just stop that as a respect.

I snap the outview from Kek Lok Si, it was really hard to see deep blue sky at Kuala Lumpur.

The temple building structure.



The posing of us: Me, Mich and Eugene

The Kek Lok Si tower structure.

The blessing candle.

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I am back to KL : Merry Christmas to everybody

Yo!!! I am back from my Penang trip yesterdarday night and thankz for Hungwei fetching us back to KL. It was a four day trip and I am really dying to work today..lolz but luckily tomorrow is a holiday. I am really happy this few day in Penang because eat none stop, play none stop and shoot photograph none stop. five people going to this trip which was including me, Kwong, Eugene, Mich and Myin.

By the way, I am so appreciated and thankful for Mich and her mother coz letting us place to stay for few night especially Mich guide us to many place for eating and shooting with accommodation plus transport. I kinda like the cat call Fuzzy….hahaha. At the same time this trip I meet Hungwei, Lawrence and the shouters which included Chee Hsien, JJzai and Willazz….sorry others i forget already.

Picture taken from Gurney Drive

Really no time to update the pics today..sorry guys. By the way Happy Christmas to all the readers and a happy new year!!! 😀

Visit Eye of Malaysia : December last call

Sorry for the delay post this period, I have been very busy yesterday so didn’t update anything. I heard that many readers complaining about the heavy load for the blog but I found it picspay have no problem. The main reason of heavy loading of my site was came from the ads of adverlets so I remove it and hope will not drag the loading speed of my site.


Oh yeah, come back to my title now. After the Genting trip last 2 weeks ago we continue our journey to Eye of Malaysia which locate at Tasik Titiwangsa. Too bad Lynn didn’t join us that day so only left us 3 which was Anston, Nkwai and me.

This Eye of Malaysia will be remove by the end of this year. For those who have not been there before please don’t miss the spot. We reach there by 5.30 pm that day and lucky we didn’t get into traffic jam and we left by 7.30 pm. The scenery was so nice during in between afternoon and evening. Forget to tell you guys that this was my first time to get here…lolz.

Thankz for Anston helping me to take this picture for me.

It was very different to compare the weather now and last 2 weeks ago. I kinda miss the blue sky and white cloud. I hate raning!!

Full view of the Eye.


Nkwai and Anston

Clouds and sky

Image took after 6.30pm. Sunset.

This original color of this picture was suppose to be orangy but I tone it the white banalane to tungsten and full adjust to blue color.

The reflection.

The reflection with warm mode and WB change to Shade.

Thats all the post today. More update coming soon.