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Photomarathon 2008 Asia by Canon

Last week I have particapate this Photomarathon 2008 Asia organize by Canon. This was my first time to attend such big event. The starting location was at Berjaya Timesquare Kuala Lumpur by 7 am in the morning. Luckily I was reaching there early, me and my friends just quene for a short while for registering. We get a nice Canon T-Shirt, Canon Cap, Canon Tower and breakfast.

After 7am I saw the quene was extremely long. The crowds was reaching thousands and even the competitions have been extended. The whole duration was more then 10 hours. After finishing the shooting progress, we have to submit one of your best picture for Theme A, Theme B and Theme C. It took us some times for us to choose the pictures and the same time the pictures must match the topic..quite heache.

below were my favourite shots of that day:



For the competition I choose the pictures below:
Theme A

Theme B

Theme C

Anyhow, I didn’t get any of it but I did learn a lot from this event. Next year must prepare well and come back again.

KL Street Photography

This street photography session was happen last Sunday organize by AC member of Photokaki. Me came here with my colleague Eugene, Aaron and Shirley, when we reach KL we catch up with Hiew, Ahkwong and other photokaki members.

The weather condition was not impressive that day, and it start to rain from 2pm. Me and Ahkwong cabut from 1.30 pm to attend the Sony Convention 2008 located at KL sentral. The street photography actually continue until 7pm something but I really no ideas they can make it or not. Anyway, the shooting session still smooth and below was my random shots












my post end up here and more coming soon

Street Photography

It should be a Street photography at Petaling Street but it was too bad as the rain came on the half way. I came with eugene with LRT and we decide to change our direction to Midvalley for shooting fashion event. Anyhow we still manage to capture some photos but it was not a complete Street photo progress and we decide to come again.

I try to make everything short today and post some photos I shot that day.

We were taking this photo at the Pudu Bridge. Sepia mode
Pudu Bridge

Black and white picture for the LRT station.

Some street potrait photos at Pudu LRT station.


We reach Plaza Rakyat station and the path of corridor below.
Plaza Rakyat

I stop until here and iit was raining. Our photo shooting progress stop here. Duotone mode.