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Steamboat again at Hometown Steamboat Restaurant Genting Klang

This was happen last 2 weeks ago and invited by Jen. Thankz for Eugene fetching me over there ya!! This was my first time to come to this Steamboat Restaurant. Overall was quite ok!!! the soup wast tasty and the ingredient was fresh.

This was like a blogger gathering to me too, people involved were Jen, Rames, Hiew, Adrian, Kate, Hikaru, Jacklyn, Jed, Eri, Eugene, Joshua and crystal.

I met a new blogger there Joshua aka Fazai38 and his beloved Crystal. He sitting besize me and worry about the food would not enough for me so keep on putting food on my bowl, Btw Eugene and Eri did the same things….so paiseh can.lolz…Thankz anyway:D. Before I eat I tot it was a buffet type steamboat told informed by eugene earlier, so I let my stomach empty from the afternoon. Btw, still full stomach in the end by fill in all the mee hun and yee mee.

Shooting session

Joshua, Crystal and Rames

Another group photo

Ok!!! my post end up here

Happy Birthday to the two “E” : Steamboat buffet at Sunway

I postpone the FRIM photos session 1st coz today is a special day for two person. Here I am to congratulate them both Eri and Eileen, Happy birthday!!!


Steamboat Buffet from Subang, sorry I don’t remember the restaurant name. I went there with Eileen, Mich, Anston and Ahkwong. Enegue join us at the middle session. Sorry, I am lazy and moody to write today. Below were our random pics.