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Meet the Melacca Bloggers : SNIP Hair stylish Fashion show at Sungei Wang Plaza

Last friday I meet a few bloggers from Melacca which was Kimfei, Hungryping, Jian and Sleepyhao. They coming here for thier New Gadgets !!! Canon 400D and Canon 450D…woah. The 4th time to met kimfei and 1st time to met the other 3 bloggers. It seems like DSLR is like very common now compare to few years ago it just like a dream that hard to achieve. Is nice to meet them all athoulgh just an hour to spend with them for lunch.

Jian (Left) and Kimfei (Right)
The Bloggers
Hungryping (Left) and Sleepyhao (Right)

Haha.. Many people still ask me where my new DSLR? Aiyo, still need to save money and long way to go ya. Poor FZ50 still need to accompany me for a long period ya.

Hungwei was coming along as well after I went back to my working place. It took me 3 hours to finish my work and I went back to Sungei wang to met them again. So good to trying on thier new gadget 450D, kena racun pula!!!! It really push me harder to buy a new one. By the way, they have to go back Melacca early…

Anston came lately, me and hungwei continue to waiting for the fashion show that will start by 7.30 pm. This time I met Satkuru, so happy to met in person ya…but to bad I have to leave early after the fashion show.

Hungwei and Satkuru

I still wonder why that day evening so less photographer until show start I only realise it was not a fashion show but it was SNIP Hair stylish Fashion. Not to said it was to bad or anything else but as long it have something different compare to other fashion shows.





Ok my post end up here. More stuff coming soon.