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Ajisen Ramen at Penang’s Queensbay

Omg!!! This was a super old post but it doesn’t matter coz I never blog about Ramen at my blog before. This restaurant was recommend by Hungwei which the ramen serve with big portion and delicious ingredients. I less trying to eat ramen at KL coz it usually taste like normal maggi mee and expansive, so I might whether go to choose to eat hakka mee or hokkien mee which taste better. This restuarant is locate inside Queensbay and I heard that my frens said they were branches at Kuala Lumpur. So if you guys want to try this out you can drop msg to hungwei during this Chinese New Year.


Sorry, its been month already and I forget how to name this dishes. Charsiew Ramen?

Spicy Seafood Ramen, I ate this and rate it 8/10. Taste good and enuogh to fulfill my stomach.

Pork Rip Ramen. a lot of ingredient within.

Thiers camera…!!!Omg!! siapa nak ambil.

First time saw Lawrence and he change his bag with eugene..so happy can. other people who involve in this Ramen food session included Ahkwong, Mich, Myin and hungwei.
Ramen gathering