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JJ 林俊傑 meet the Fans Concert at Sungei Wang

Last friday after finishing Cyndi Wang meet the fans session at concourse we directly went up to the 4th floor of Sungei Wang to watch JJ 林俊傑. We were just in time before JJ came into stage there was a simple quiz.

This meet the fans concert was host by Phoebe, on of the MyFM DJ. The photo we took this time was better then the previous Mayday and S.H.E


It was crowded that day, people keep on pushing and pushing. Taking photos from far was difficult because the waving hands in front of me has block all the view. I meet my friend Kingko at crowd there. Ahkwong and Lynn climb up to the small building there to take photos by risking thier lifes. You can refer to this Anstons that how do there both shooting JJ….lolz.

I make it short here. JJ came on stage and the photos that I captured.


Sorrylar, cannot took the full view of his feature coz his hair has block most of the light….unless he watch upwards.lolz





I luv the dance…


Flower from the fans


Play with the fans


Ok that all of this post. The next post will be Semengir Water Dam.