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Late Happy New Year Wishes and some randomzz.

Is been no updating my blog for long time already and here come a late Happy New Year wishes and blesses to all the bloggers and readers. I was really moody from the year starting due to some problems and have been sicks for a few days…yawnz. Got any feng shui sifu recommend to me? And I really have to change my luck for this whole new year. Anyhow, I can hear every people saying this year must save this and save that; some said that this year financial will be really really bad…!!!; Some people said oh gosh I have no bonus this year and even sallert get cut. People in study level might felt nothing about it but for me this kind of people have to earn money to paid loan and family fees will got a lot of feelings though. Come on!!! I no fear about this, lets rock on!!! (this phrase is to push myselflar, paiseh)


Nothing much to blog about last month lolz, A photo of Ahkwong and Myin engagement last month 19th.

An Alluringmemoirs Profile shooting session. A photo of behind the scene.
It was hard to me to write a nice entry for review and resolution this year coz it take times. Give me some time ya and I will come back to you all soon. Post ending here