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Hakka Food Restaurant at OUG Plaza

I dunno the exact name of this Restaurant and it was located inside OUG Plaza. The price is reasonable and serve with comfortable place. I came here to celebrate my father’s Birthday.

Curry Sotong – I love this so much especially with the curry and the sotong was freshy, I rate it 9/10.
Curry Sotong

Crispy Taufu – Is taste like normal crispy taufu from other restaurant and it was a bit cold when it bring out, I rate it 4/10
Crispy Taufu

Pork Slice with Yam – It my favourite all the time, the pork was so soft and so attempting with yam slic, I rate it 7/10.

Steam Soong fish head serve with Tausi souce – Is ok only but not as good as the Chan Sow Lin one. I rate it 6/10.
Steam Fish
My post end up here

Restaurant Fatty Mok Hakka Seafood

It been busy for this holidays and less time for blogging. Now I am back with a food post with my family. We went to dinner yesterday at Restaurant Fatty Mok Hakka Seafood which located at Salak South Garden.


This was my parents favourite dining places. Majority we come here not for seafood but for Yong Tau Fu. One of my family favourite dishes. The prices here was cheap compare to Ampang one and each pieces of Yong Tau Fu was RM0.70.

My Mom, Bapa and Sister.


We order this Yong Chau Fried Rice


The Yong Tau Fu with soup


Fried Fu Skin Fish paste wrap


Sui Gao


Fried Sui Gao


The total price was less then RM 25.00 for four person. My post end up here and good night…time to go to bed.