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Penang trip day 1

Before posing about penang, I want to post this nuffnang cheque which i receive last week. I really happy on that although this was not a big cash and another cheque was coming soon!!! So sweet can.


Oh ya, I am posing about my 1st day of Penang trip. I remember that day we went by 6.00 am morning starting from my house. I never sleep that day coz went to Dota at setapak until 4 am. I reach home dabao my 4 days clothing, taking my bath then continue my journey to penang so most of the time I slept at Mich car, so paiseh can.

Oh yeah, luckily we went by early in the morning coz the when it reach 11pm it started to get hot for the journey. Anyhow the weather was extremely well that day.


It took almost 4 to 5 hours for us to reach there. Along the journey I was sleep and awake….sleep then awake again. The whole journey I saw nice scenery, blue sky and moutain that cover with green tree.


5 of us inside the car which was me, Mich, Kwong, Myin and eugene

We reach Penang Bridge by 12 pm. feeling damn excited that time coz it was my third time came to Penang. I has been never came here for almost 7 years.


Yoz!!! We reach Mich’s hometown call Farlim which locate at Ayer Itam.

No time to waiting!!! We went to eat first. below was my favourite Asam Laksa.

The penang bread, so soft!!!! so much ingredient!! KL one sure cannot compare it.

The “ChengBoaLiang” so cooling and even the ingredient were so tasty as well!!

I post until here. More pics will coming soon.