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Finally I belong to the DSLR family

This was my babe FZ50 which has been accompany with me for 2 years. It help me a lot during event, wedding shooting and travelling although it was not a DSLR but it still keeping come up with brilliant results. Nothing much to complain about it with Leica lense, Mega OIS stabilizer, F2.8-3.7, range from 35mm-420mm (no crop) with superb macro shot. If this spec go to DSLR lens it might cost you a great amount.


Too bad my DMC FZ50 cannot work well during low light condition and ISO handling. To boost up the effect I have bought myself a olympus Flash FL36 which can fit into my Lumix hot shoe. Panasonic external flash light was too expansive that time so no choice i have to switch to Olympus flash.As a result, It really enhance the image during night event while wedding and party. But another thing that my camera cannot do well is the bokeh and depth of field.

Times go by, I taken many shooting during events, fashion show, travelling….. People with big machine, lens that long like elephant nose always looking me like weird. I start to wondering miny camera cannot shot issit?!! Some people (not mean all)with DSLR might go infront my shooting area and blocking me, it make me feel like ” We were pros so we have the right to go infront, Excuse me digital camera. WTF!!!”

This is a worst incident I have face so far, I went for a corporate shooting session. After the task finish. The people incharge come infront me and said that he expect people will use pro camera to shoot but not digital camera please. I refuse to talk to the guy who incharge and directly went to the boss show the pictures and let him to decide, lucky it past…phew. Even My fren Ahkwong told me that nowadays people were realistic and I can’t get a good paid if I still continue using prosumers camera.

At the end, I really struggle to this Canon EOS 40D. It was the best price and best buy in the market now as semi pro levels. I heard many guides from my frends, and they suggest me Nikon, Sony, Canon. Sales person in the camera shop try to approach me with Olympus and even tell me that Crop factor 2 is best technologies now….lolz. Anyhow, my dream machine is Leica but really expansive lor..

By the way, so poor now. I just bought the body only. Super Thankz for Eugene and nkwai temporaly borrow me kit lense. I try to get some nice lens asap. An advance, eugene really help me a lot for getting this body.

Here were the test shots using the poison lens Tamron f 2.8 70-200mm lense. Eri as Model..lolz

Ahkwong as Model.

Mich life potrait shoot by 50mm Prime lense during dinner session at Food & Tea Restaurant.

Nkwai with poser.

Test shots with Eugene Tamron F 2.8 17-50mm.

Test shots on the landscape picture at Bukit Jalil Relax Park.



Test shots during night at mamak. Hiew as life potrait.

Next time I will label my pictures taken by Lumix or Canon by using the banners below. My post end up here.